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Blood Hook

Avoid It.

When I was in high school, my knowledge of films and cinema started to gain a small but respectable following. A friend and I started to get recognition for movie choices we made at parties and soon we had people approaching us for suggestions. When we became aware of others interests in our favourites, we decided to abuse this new found respect. So one weekend, we invited a large group of our these people that appreciated our taste in movies, announcing that the two of us had found the most amazing film we had ever seen. To our delight they eagerly took us up on our invite, theorizing that if both of us were giving the same praise to this film then it would have to be amazing. We have never steered them in the wrong direction before, until this particular night when we were going to drive them off a cliff for our own entertainment. The movie we chose was Blood Hook.

From Troma, the company that brought us such classics as "Nymphoide Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell" and "Buttcrack: the movie" comes one of the most original film concepts I think I have ever come across. Around a small lake community, whenever a particular piece of music is played, it reaches a frequency that is capable of vibrating a metal plate in a man's head, that when vibrating causes him to fish with a giant fishing hook people, reeling them into his cabin where he turns them into ground beef. The acting is painfully bad, the special effects are terrible, the concept, as ludicrous as it sounds is taken seriously, which I still cannot tell can be considered charming or just plain sad. Filled with amazing scenes like a child holding a magnetic nail finder to a man's head to see that there is metal in it, to the climactic battle between two fishers with giant fishing hooks, Blood Hook single handily destroyed my reputation as film connoisseurs .

Now don't get me wrong, although I cannot in my heart recommend this film to anyone, I still love it for how terrible it is and how powerfully damaging it can be to one's reputation when shown to a group of people that do not know how to take a joke.