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Dark Water (Japan)

See It.

If a new horror film is being made, I automatically look it up to see if it's a remake of a much superior foreign film. The reason I do this because of films like Dark Water.

I know that a lot of people have seen the American bastardized version with Jennifer Connelly. Those that have seen it hated it and rightly they should because the American version of this is terribly awful. It is however interesting to watch the two movies back to back and compare how the American version missed the mark on so many levels.

When I first saw the original Japanese version of Dark Water, I was told that one scene alone makes this one memorably scary movie. And the one scene did not disappoint. The American shit version of this, actually took out the most shocking scare of the film, leaving me completely dumbfounded. What was going on in the directors head? It was like remaking Hitchcock's "Psycho" without the shower scene. For a whole year I had been telling people that they should see "Dark Water", referring them to the Japanese version. They would then rent the English version because they didn't like the hassle of reading subtitles and would come back to me complaining that the movie I recommended "wasn't that scary".

Let me say this and be clear: If you think reading is a hassle, get use to a life filled with disappointments.