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Anybody can write a movie review. In fact, if you look up Transformers 3 on the internet, you'll find 100s if not 1000s of people giving their opinions about why the movie isn't very good, although an improvement from the second movie, it still isn't very good. Yet, besides all the warnings, all the testimonies of disappointments, all the bickering, complaints, trash talking, and bad press, the film still made over $97,400,000 upon its release date and within a month became one of the biggest money makers of the year and still continues to profit.

The reason for this is because nobody cares what the average Joe-blow thinks about blockbuster films. And who can blame anyone for not being interested. If you were to read just a handful of these reviews, you would be quick to realize that everyone is practically saying the same thing, and that you, yourself, vaguely agreeing with all of them. Truth is, that much of the movie reviews written today are not noted for the purpose promotions, or separating the good from the bad, of even educating people on particular titles. Like online dating, Twitter or Facebook statuses, much of the movie reviews nowadays are created for the purpose of personal acknowledgement. People write what they think others would like to see them write. This is why there is no limit to how many people are proud to condemn a M. Night Shyamalan films before it's even released. There is not enough people breaking the bounds of society by stating how 3D movies are "just a gimmick". And why we might never hear the end of people who think they have cracked the case about how the last Harry Potter film is the best of the series.

So here is what I pledge to you:
1) Within my reviews, you will not find current blockbuster films that have dominated all media circuits. With the increasing numbers of movies being filmed each day, to spend time discussing a film that every channel, every magazine, and every person you talk to is focussing on would feel monotonous to me. Instead, I will focus my time on the lesser known or spoken of pieces of cinema that have not, did not, or cannot benefitted from over exposure in the media. These types will include independent films, foreign films, low budget films, straight to DVD films, cult classics and festival films.
2) I will not use corny and meaningless rating systems in a desperate attempt to distinguish myself from other reviewers. Nobody cares whether someone has given a rating of four stars or four and a half stars. It's completely meaningless. And even more meaningless are some of the embarrassingly sad symbols some people choice to replace stars with in a desperate attempt to appear unique and perhaps interesting. If we were to have a conversation face to face about a film and I were to say, "I give the film, four and a half JP Sha-poopies, out of five JP Sha-poopies." nobody would blame you for ending our conversation with kick to my midsection. The only things people want to hear is whether the film is worth seeing or not, followed by an explanation of why someone might recommend it or not. Therefore, I shall rate these films "See it" or "Avoid it". The only differentiation will be a "See it: With Caution" to accommodate some of the stronger, more adult themed flicks. I would not feel comfortable advising someone to see "Paranormal Activity" who thinks "Casper" had frightening scenes.
3) Finally, I will also watch any type of film, whether cartoons, family, gay/lesbian, religious, artistic, exploitation or any other kind that is out there. Therefore, I will also take requests. Anything you ask me to watch, I will add to my "must see" list and give brief review and recommendation. If there is something that you wish to promote, by all means I would love to take a look it. However please be advised that I will be completely honest in my opinion of the film. If you have personal attachments to a film that you have requested me to review and I end up writing about how terrible I think it is and how it should be avoided, once my opinion is on my website, that is where it will remain. I do not change my opinion(s) to accommodate a quick nod to the film maker(s) or because you or other people may not like what I have to say about the film. The main purpose of my reviews is to inform people about movies the average person may not be aware exists or movies that some people might not be willing to give a chance. There are a lot of films that deserve to be spoken about and there are some that deserve a good reality check. My reviews are to inform, that is it.